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arK Merchandise Posted by Barbie on 30/08/2011

All arK merchandise is now available through a new site, The Merchandise Desk. The arK merchandise page has been specially set up for the band, where you can order the latest album, Wild Untamed Imagings, (if you already have a copy, do you need extra copies for friends and family?), and T-shirts in green and grey.


Fireworks Interviews JJ Posted by Barbie on 27/04/2011

I have been very lacking in my updates of this site over the last few months, with other projects taking higher priority. However, in lieu of any major news, I have a few updates I plan to add to the site. The first started as a draft some months ago!

Back in December 2010, John Jowitt did an interview with Fireworks magazine. They published a 2 page interview and a favourable album review. They even mention this site in very favourable terms too, which is always nice. As such I am very pleased to be able to include a copy of the interview and review in our review pages. When I have a bit more time, I'll include a full transcription of the interview too.

Don't forget you can still order the album, Wild Untamed Imaginings, and if you already have a copy, please buy another for friends and family :) Note also there are still T-shirts available too.

Dreams Online Posted by Barbie on 15/02/2011

Over the years, even before creating this site back in 1998, I been asked regularly whether I have copies of The Dreams Of Mr Jones I would sell. Although I have both a vinyl and CD copy, they're both staying my collection ;) The CD version of the album occasionally appears on eBay, and I have seen a vinyl copy for sale there too. However, they do seem to be rare items, particularly for those who only got into the band in more recent times.

As such, after the band reformed last year and re-recorded some of the tracks for Wild Untamed Imaginings, I had planned to make the album available, but wanted to wait enough time between the new album, and making the debut available here. I think you've all waited long enough now, so without further ado, checkout the MP3 pages, where you can now grab mp3 copies of all 6 original tracks.

Future mp3 releases include more live recordings, as well as the cassette albums, Stand Alone and Archives, so keep checking back for those.


Paul Menel Gigs Posted by Barbie on 26/01/2011

For those that may not already know, both John 'JJ' Jowitt and Steve Harris are playing in Paul Menel's band. Some may know Paul from his time as IQ vocalist on the albums Nomzamo and Are You Sitting Comfortably. It was during the latter tour that Ark supported IQ round the UK.

Steve, breaking from tradition, is not playing his synth-guitar, but playing it straight. The whole band are working well together and the rehearsals have been fantastic to watch and hear. If you want to see and hear the new Paul Menel Band, head down to The Peel in Kingston-upon-Thames on Saturday 29th January, before the band head off for some European dates. There will be more gigs after that, so don't worry if you miss them this time around.

See you Saturday if you can make it :)

Lydney Photos Posted by Barbie on 26/01/2011

Sorry for the delay in updates of late, with so much going on, I've not been able to find the time to go through the mountain of photos and audio from the last few months. More should appear in the coming months, but for the moment we have a selection of photos from the Summers End Festival in Lydney back in October.

My thanks to Rick Forster for allowing me to use his photos, you can see more of Rick's photography talents on Flickr.

About This Site

This site originally constituted a history of Ark, with photos, reviews and some unreleased recordings. However, with the reformation, we hope to keep you updated with news and reviews from a fan's perspective for all that is happening with the band.

If you have any comments, suggestions, photos or reviews that we could feature on the website, particularly any scans of memorabillia or photos from your own collection, please email me at You'll get full credit, and any link backs to your own site if you provide them.

If any ex-band members are reading this, please get in touch and let me know what you're up to. Aside from being good to hear from you, it would also be great to fill in the gaps of the Ark story.

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About Ark

This site is dedicated to one of the Black Country's finest exports. ARK formed in 1986, after starting life as Damascus and Kite, continuing until March 1995. For several years the memory of the band lived on via The Ark Appreciation Pages.

Then after a brief get together round the pub in 2009, four of the band members had a long chat about a reunion. After some very productive rehearsals, the band started to plan some live gigs for 2010. However, so successful were the rehearsals, that it was agreed they should record an album of some of the older classics, and give them the kind of production they always hoped to give them. The album is being recorded, and is set for an early autumn release, with a few gigs to help promote both the new album and the band themselves. Ark are back.