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Lyrics - So What?

- an instrumental -

© 1993, Music: ARK

This started life as a knock about to warm the band up before a rehearsal. After several recordings on my walkman, they got to playing around with two instrumentals. E.V.I.L. and So What? As only one instrumental was really appropriate, the band went with So What? Maybe they would have worked on E.V.I.L. had they continued. I'll have to dig out the session tape of E.V.I.L., as well as the full version of So What? and upload them.

Unfortunately when the band were recording the album, when it came to tape So What? the electronics, which encodes a time stamp onto the magnetic tape, didn't kick in as the lads started, so the first few seconds of the song are missing from the final album. However, I have a copy of the full analogue mix from the master tape.

Another snippet of trivia is that I'm responsible for naming the song. The band couldn't think of a name, so I suggested Krakatoa as it reminded me of a volcano erupting. However Paul stated that the title had been used before, to which I simply replied "So What!". "That's it" cried Paul, "That's what?" enquired everybody else, and so the exclaimation mark was changed to a question mark and So What? had a title.