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Lyrics - Communications

My pressures building up like a boiling pot
There's ice in my heart and it's getting hot
I'll never understand in a million years
The price of love is the pain of tears
            But then a change comes over me
            Escape! Alas! Alone!
  I heard it on the radio, I saw it on a TV show
I read it in the Sunday papers, passion's in the air again
I never had a valentine, I never had a friend of mine
I never had communications, alone to make or break my heart
A sentimental scene from the act of life
Each has a part playing man or wife
"For better or for worse" so the saying goes
Growing old together 'til the curtains close
            I hold my head and shut my eyes
            Escape! At last! A lie!
  repeat chorus
And on my bed of thorns the darkness slowly forms
Sweet dreams emerge from corners long concealed
And in this twilight land I never understand
Why walking hand in hand is so unreal
  repeat chorus

© 1986, Music: ARK, Lyrics: Ant Short

This song was later re-recorded for their first vinyl 7" single release. I'll have to find out from Ant what was on his mind when he came to write this one.