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Lyrics - The Teller

I'll tell you a tale of mortar and stone
Of sweat and of toil, of muscle and bone
Of a young man's ideal to build a new life
For the sake of adventure, forsaking his wife
When time seemed eternal and tempers ran wild
And he looked at the world through the eyes of a child
  Oh listen to his tale
Oh listen to his tale
He sought his amusement in places afar
Was lured by the sirens of flesh and the jar
She mended her broken heart found someone who
Could give her security, give her love too
And she sometimes looks back in thoughts of the boy
Who filled her with sorrow where once there was joy
  Oh listen to their tale
Oh listen to their tale
Now twenty years gone and time's moved along
The fortunes have varied for the weak and the strong
She's safe in the present, forgotten the past
With a home and a family, she's happy at last
And he looks at her world from the shade when he can
Through the eyes of a broken and lonely old man
  You've listened to my tale
You have listened to my tale

© 1986, Music: ARK, Lyrics: Ant Short

A great acoustic song, with superb lyrics yet again by Ant.