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Lyrics - The Scattering

They sailed a thousand miles across the sea toward the west
The flight of those too young to fly the safety of the nest
Farewell children
Watching for the chosen ones survival for the rest
Absence tears the heart asunder

He looked to find no time upon this green and pleasant land
The ever moving tide of change provides the guiding hand
Please remember
And the mother smiles bravely but she'll never understand
God's own children, God protect you
  Over land, land, land, over sea
To the land of the free
The beauty of the island has the cruelty of the curse
From the famine to the present, sons and daughters have dispersed
Who will stop them
And the 20th Century gold rush strikes the latest solemn verse
Never ceasing, always leaving
  Over land, land, land, over sea
To the land of the free
They stood alone unseparated from this foreign soil
Their shoulders set and minds prepared for history making toil
The song, the dream will splinter on the nightmare fingers reach
From the cold hand of rejection and the silent welcome speech
They're driven from the mother country, cut up from their roots
A never ending army full of hesitant recruits
They're marching on relentlessly like blood from Ireland's veins
She struggles for existence, it will never be the same

Hey ya......

© 1986, Music: ARK, Lyrics: Ant Short

A lament to the desertion of Ireland's kindred spirit, the lifeblood of sons and daughters, in the exodus to America by the many who became poverty stricken, during and after the Irish potato famine of 1846.