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Lyrics - Heat Of The Morning

Please will you listen hard
I've got a little problem in my own back yard
You always write to me
Expecting all the answers that you want to see
  In the heat of the morning
One of the pleasures of mine
Is to push all your problems
To the back of my mind
Well you can pack your bags
leave them by the door
Hitch them to another star
Because I'm never coming back, no
Why don't you realise
The blind can't lead the blind without my eyes
Oh you just turn the screw
It moves a little tighter and I'll turn on you
  repeat chorus
Try to leave and let me be
I'm ready for the catch to share my agony
Write a note, explain my vice
I'll mail it to myself and seek my own advice
  repeat chorus
  Because I'm never coming back
Because I'm never coming back
Because I'm never coming back
No, no....

© 1990, Music: ARK, Lyrics: Ant Short

The song is about an agony aunt (or uncle in Ant's case), who has problems of their own, and one day decides he's had enough. The idea at the end of writing to themselves to find the answer is great irony.