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Lyrics - Gaia

If you're feeling lost count the cost of problems getting higher
Fighting for your balance as you're walking on the wire
If you want to, I can show you all the answers, I'm the one who
Cares about and shares the doubts of each and every one who tires
Of the moral bribes and the diatribes cascading from the mouth of liars
If you want to, I can show you all the stories that you want to hear
  Gaia, Gaia, Gaia, Gaia
Well they publicise and they prophecise and the future's looking good
And you're not quite sure who plays the fool by robbing for the hoods
If you're hungry, I can feed you, It's my promise to trust and lead you
I'll take a bow, here and now to make your dreams unfold
So join with me for victory, we'll build a land of gold
If you want to make your choices, I can help or silence your voices with -
  Gaia, Gaia, Gaia, Gaia

© 1986, Music: ARK, Lyrics: Ant Short

First featured on the fourth cassette single, "THE SCATTERING EP". I'll have to ask Ant about this one!. A firm live favourite, and guaranteed to get the party going.