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Lyrics - Change II

Go, go, go, the traffic builds into a frenzy
No, no, no, my blood beat rises with the tension
Why, why, why, we're always searching for a reason
So, so, so, there must be more than just a pension

She hangs the washing on the line
For the second time this week
He looks at her and feels a loss in his life
In his life
  Thinks, I need to, to break out
To release my aching soul
True passion at my age
It's the only thing I know, I know
Slow, slow, slow, each day blends dimly to another
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Grow, grow, grow, this disenchantment of each other
Why, why, why, the ghost of youth betrays it's uses
We hang ourselves on our own self constructed nooses

He leaves work earlier today
For a secret rendezvous
She tries to phone him just to say, I need you
I need you
  Thinks, I need to, to break out
This romance has gone so wrong
True passion at my age
It's the only thing I want, I want
- solo -
There's a note upon the table
It said goodbye

© 1990, Music: ARK, Lyrics: Ant Short

Another personal favourite, and a real belter of a live track. So called as it was a follow on from Change I. Both songs were carried over from the days of Damascus, and both concern themselves with growing old, and relationships that don't always measure up to what we expect.

In the later years of ARK, the band revamped Change I and were considering re-recording. It would have been good to have both tracks on one record together.