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Lyrics - Kaleidoscope

Beneath this green and pleasant land
There lie the souls of those who learned
In early scenes, with sword in hand
That the Kaleidoscope has turned
So many changes, arranging dreams of stranger things
'til the May dancer answers winter's call for Spring
Her ready smile and steady hands
Were once a symbol for the proud
Now out of style and out of plans
She sits forlorn beneath our shroud
The myth exploded, eroded, leaving us to chance
We're left here hanging, tangling in the Maypole dance
  Britannia, Britannia, Britannia, Britannia
Where is the spirit never to yield
Deep in the forest, out in the field
Oh, she tried.
She threw down her shield and died for her country
  Britannia, Britannia
New constitution, New constitution,
New constitution, New constitution

© 1988, Music: ARK, Lyrics: Ant Short

How the stuff of legands has faded.