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Lyrics - Season Of The Witch

Across the shattered city lands
Where ghosts of factories still stand
Where the young children play
You can smell the decay
Destructive signs of angry youth
Are violent repocussions of the truth
You can hold on to me
I will hold on to you
  This is the season of the witch
This is no way to treat the poor
This is the nation for the rich
They get their foot in every door
They try to tell us how to play
They try to teach us how to give
If there is one thing I can say
They never show us how to live - down
Their gilded limosines glide home
Our city fathers on their phones
In their heavenly shell
So protected from hell
They sit so far removed in rooms of .....
Is making easy money such a crime?
These are our games they say
Just be grateful to play
  repeat chorus
- solo -
  repeat chorus

© 1990, Music: ARK, Lyrics: Ant Short

A tirade on the Thatcherite ways of greed.