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MP3s - Recorded, Live & Unreleased

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The Scattering EP

The Scattering
Flag Day
The Teller

Early cassette single release. Gaia was rerecorded for the Dreams Of Mr Jones album and Flag Day is being recorded for the new arK album. The Teller being a personal favourite.

Damascus Compilation

Side One:

01 Pulse
02 Behind The Mask
03 Cloud Chaser
04 Hagley
05 Freedom's Cage
06 Nowhere's Ark


Side Two:

07 Side Show
08 In Your Dreams
09 Sassenach
10 Nowhere's Ark
11 Change I
12 Change II
13 Unknown (cut)

This is a very old Damascus release, featuring an original recording of Hagley, which is due to appear in a re-recorded form on the bands latest album, Wild Untamed Imaginings.

The cassette was released as a compilation of earlier cassette releases by Damascus. Tracks 1-5 were originally on the Behind The Masque cassette, tracks 7-9 were originally on the Side Show cassette, tracks 10-12 were originally on the The Change cassette. Both tracks 6 and 13 are from an unknown source. Track 13 is unfortunately cut off due to the tape being too short to contain the complete track. If any one has a full version, please get in touch.

The Dreams Of Mr Jones
  1. Gaia
  2. Through The Night
  3. Kaleidoscope
  4. Powder For The Gun
  5. Mabeline
  6. Nowhere's Ark

At last you can now listen to the original album. Originally release on vinyl in 1988, it was later re-released on CD in 1991, the band's debut album was the result of studio time from winning a Battle of The Bands competition.

The tracks here are taken from the CD re-release. For further details see The Dreams Of Mr Jones.


11th April, 1992

Travelling Man
The Teller
Monkey On A Stick
Let Go

The Junction, Harbourne, Birmingham - 11th April, 1992
Music by ARK, Lyrics by Ant Short, © ARK 1985-1992, live version first published (P) by MBP 2000.

8th June, 1991

Monkey On A Stick

Monkey On A Stick was always a firm favourite with fans, and featured in most sets over the years, probably second only to Nowhere's Ark. The song is Ant look at the fustration at how the government and education teach us to conform, rather than express our individualism. This version of the song, was performed at Bogiez in Cardiff on 8th June, 1991 and is a desk tape recording.
Music by ARK, Lyrics by Ant Short, © ARK 1985, live version first published (P) by MBP 2000.

Battle Of The Bands Final

1. Gaia
2. Communications
3. Feed The Fire
4. Nowhere's Ark
5. Through The Night
6. Lark
7. In My Dreams
8. Monkey On A stick (cut)


Download full gig

This was the gig at Edwards No.8 in Birmingham, that the band won, and got the opportunity to spend time in the recording studo. The result was The Dreams Of Mr Jones. In the set only features 3 songs that went on to appear on the album. The last 3 songs have, so far, never been recorded in the studio. Lark was a long time live favourite and provide the band with the chance to showcase each member, along with a few advert songs along the way.

This gig was recorded straight from the mixing desk, so you'll not hear too much crowd noise. My thanks to Andy Doherty (see his Ark page) for providing this recording for you all to enjoy. Note that the last little bit of Monkey is missing, as the tape ran out!

Music by ARK, Lyrics by Ant Short, © ARK 1987, live version recorded by Andy Doherty.


Writing Session 1992

E.V.I.L. (version 1)

This was one of those writing sessions round Steve's flat, where the band went through ideas, before deciding, which ones would be worth rehearsing. E.V.I.L. started as a riff that Gel had been playing around with. It had been noted that it would be good to feature and instrumental in the set to help pace Ant's voice. This was my favourite, but 'So What' won out in the end.
Music by ARK, © ARK 1992, this version first published (P) by MBP 2000

Band Rehearsals 1992

E.V.I.L. (version 2)

This was a version the band were working in rehearsal. The flute has been dropped, but the rest of the song sounds like it could have been a contender ;-)
Music by ARK, © ARK 1992, this version first published (P) by MBP 2000