The ARK Appreciation Pages

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The Credits

In putting this site together I do need to acknowledge and thank a few people.

Firstly the band members of ARK

  • Ant Short
  • Pete Wheatley
  • Steve Harris
  • John Jowitt
  • Tim Churchman
  • Gel Newey
  • Paul Rogers
  • Richard Deane
  • Andy Harris
  • Hugh Edwards

Contributions also from Montreaux Management, AMA & Mutilation Corporation.

A special thank you to Danny Mayo for putting the original fan club in order and driving me to the early gigs. A big thank you for also letting me use his photos on the site.

Much appreciate to Anne Fox for lending me the money to buy the first album, Dreams Of Mr Jones, and for making me a fan of the band in the first place.

Thanks to all the Jellyheads who have entertained us with their antics over the years, contributing to the newsletters, and for helping to keep the memory of Ark alive. Pete, Craig, Martin, Alan, Dave and Pete, thank you.