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11th April 1992 - The Junction, Harbourne

The Junction, Harbourne
11th April, 1992.

The show was billed as a charity event with a whole host of bands due to appear. Unfortunately, a few bands pulled out, but thanks to Trans Am, Raw Deal, Ark and Briar the show still went ahead.

Due to lack of a drummer (he was on holiday at the time), Ark's set was of an unusual nature. A four man semi-acoustic jam, well almost. Due to an awful PA, the sound quality of the gig marred the bands performance. However, the audience were very much enamoured by the band, so all their efforts were not in vain

To begin the set, a new song was unleashed in the form of Travelling Man. A very tasteful tale of life on the road, which could almost be about us hard working roadies.

Next up was a song dusted down, after several years in hibernation, entitled The Teller. A sad story of man's regret at his philandering ways. These first two songs are not really suited to a normal Ark performance, being very gentle and quiet, so tonight's renditions were a nice rarity for the bootleggers in the audience.

The surprise of the evening came with a very unusual version of Monkey On A Stick. In acoustic form and slowed down, the song takes on a very atmospheric and haunting quality. Steve was having problems with the guitar-synth, and only came in half way through the song. However, his entrance created a superb surround sound effect, which only added to the frightening quality of the song. The cheers and applause were suitably earned. But I wonder if anyone recognised the guitar solo in the middle (at least Pete pinches bits from his own songs!).

To end the short set, the rocker Let Go! had everyone clapping and singing along. An odd one in amongst the other three songs, but then again it provided some light-hearted relief to a very intense set.

If we're lucky, the guys again perform this acoustic set, as they quite enjoyed themselves. The favourite for practically everyone it seems, was Monkey On A Stick, which had Ant not announced it prior to playing the song, I doubt most people would have recognised it.

Despite the problems with the PA, a rare treat such as tonight's set is going to be fond memory for band and fans alike.

The Set : Travelling Man, The Teller, Monkey On A Stick & Let Go!