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Plays: Bass

Following John's departure from the band, Gel joined having previously worked with a few heavy metal outfits. Gel, along with later recruit Paul, brought a more modern rock feel to the band.

After the split in 1995, Gel joined The Press Darlings, then hooked up with a bunch of guys doing a 70's style tribute called Glam Sham. Initially Glam Sham started as a Slade covers band, but developed into a good selection of some of the best Glam the 70's had to offer. Fliting from Slade, Alvin Stardust, T-Rex and many others. Not content with playing with just one band, he was also playing with Champagne Hedgehog for a while too.

Then finally he got invited to join Bleeding Hearts, and hasn't looked back. Bleeding Hearts, a folk-punk band, have gained a credible popularity both at home and in Germany, playing festivals with the likes of The Levellers and New Model Army. Gel has now recorded 3 studio albums with the band, and 1 live album.