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Plays: Bass

It's often been asked "who hasn't John worked with?", having become quite a celebrity in the Prog Rock scene. However, his first venture into progressive rock started with Ark. John Joined Ark following the departure of Andy Harris, Steve's brother, John help the band forge a style that was to get them more attention that just the Jellyheads from around the Midlands.

After leaving Ark, John's initial job was handling bass duties for IQ, but he's gone to so much more. Still with IQ, he has also flirted with Jadis, Arena, Frost, Dirtbox, The John Wetton Band and many others besides.

While reminiscing with John about the early days of Ark, we got onto the subject of The First. For those of you who don't know of the band, they were a small time midlands band destined for great things, but it never quite happened. However, it did feature John on bass (where else?) and Richard Deane on drums. I have a copy of one of the demo tapes somewhere, and when I finall uncover it, I shall upload a track from it.

John has also played in Angie Bowie's backing band, The Cuddly Toys, worked with the guys from Killing Joke and has many stories of his early days learning the art of bass.