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#1 - Dec 90/Jan 91

Following the revamp of the newsletter, when Danny Mayo took over the fan club business, he manged to badger the band into providing the newsletter with features, reviews, news, and anything else that came to mind. A major feat if you knew the band at the time.

Danny did a great job getting the fan club moving again, and helped to generate alot of interest in the band again with those fans who had thought they'd split, having not heard from anyone for ages. The band themselves were wondering what was happening next too... especially as John left a few months before the new newsletter hit the streets.

[Barbie's Note: I remember this gig very well, as the afternoon was spent trapsing round Bristol trying to find a chip shop. The light show was provided by yours truly, and unfortunately we had to use the lighting rig provided by the Bierkeller, as we didn't enough money to bring our at the time. The control board was on the stage left pillar beside the PA stack. So consequently I had to stand on beer crates with the PA blasting in one ear and Steve's amp blasting in the other. In all in all through it was a good night, and much ale was quafted before we went home.]