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#4 - End of 1991 (Text Version)

This was the last issue of the newsletter Danny put together, as he became more involved with other things, plus the fact I was acting as gobetween most of the time. In addition I had access to word-processing software at work, which made it more sensible for me to put the thing together. Though Danny was still running the fan club.

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The Family Newsletter

End of 1991

Highlights of this Fabbo issue:

In depth questions to Pete!
Lyrics for Train and Message To The World!
Roadies Corner!
Bog of the Month!

It's that time of the month again, everytime I have to type this page I go all weak at the knees......


Hi chaps, No. 4 is up and ready, shooting through your letter-box like Thunderbird 1 at full pelt! Anyway, as usual sit down and read this delightful intro-bit-thingy before you read the rest.

Well the big news is that the fabbo group ARK have been behind locked doors for some time rehearsing an old classic of their's to play live. It's so secret that even I don't know what it is!. Could it be "Who's nicked my Bucket", "Oh No, Not That One Again" or even "Rivers of Babylon". I doubt it's the latter because "Boney M" nicked it off them a few years ago. We'll just have to wait.

0n the subject of new songs, the band seem to play three new songs every time I see them. I think they must write them after a good beer session on the tour bus on their way up and down the country. And that reminds me, there's an up to date gig guide included here so you know when they're coming.


It's poseur time again folks, and who's won it this time? It was hard to make up my mind this time. Steve came close by finishing off everyone's curry when we all went out to treat our wives and girlfriends, but because he already has the prizes on offer, yet again, poseur of the issue goes to Gel for ... yes you guessed it, wearing his bloody sweatshirt at every gig!

The prizes are a year's supply of Johnnies and a packet of wine gums I found outside Edward's No.8. Well done Gel and keep up the posing.


It's Steve's turn to bare all (!) under the hot bulb, so here we go ...

  • Favourite Ark Track? Beggars and Thieves.
  • Favourite Ark track live? Message to the World.
  • Favourite sock colour? Black
  • Favourite Drink? The next one!
  • Idol when a boy? Spock
  • Favourite Baud? Yes
  • Favourite Food? The Balti Keema Mushroom Masala that Tony could not finish. I don't know, some people have no appetite
  • Favourite place? Bordeaux
  • If female, who would you he? The girl who wears the tight rubber dress at Bogiez (wow!).
  • Favourite film? 2010 (odyssey 2)
  • Favourite TV program? Drop the Dead Donkey C4, Thursday 10.30.
  • Favourite song? Close to the Edge, Yes.
  • Favourite cover version by Ark? Gimme some lovin'
  • Who would you like to he reinernated as? No-one else, I'm happy being me.
  • Favourite McDonalds item? Cherry pie (ywn!)
  • What pets do you keep? None
  • Biggest disappointment? Walking out of a music shop without buying anything
  • Do you like your nose? Yes
  • What is the first thing you would buy given a million pounds? A music shop!
  • Who do you most hate? People who use other people without giving in return.
  • What are your personal phobias? Eating liver and walking out of a music shop ernpty handed.
  • First album bought? 20 Golden Greats, The Shadows.
  • Would you strip for a magazine? Yes if the set was in a Music shop.
  • What do you call your car/motorbike? Start you bastard
  • What do you call your teddy bear? Mum and Dad could not afford a teddy bear, I
  • had a sucky blanket called Slurp.
  • What is the first thing you could do to improve the world? Buy a Music Shop.
  • What would you do if you weren't in Ark? Buy a Music Shop
  • Can you remember your first Dime bar? Can you buy that in a Music Shop?
  • What is your favourite newspaper? The Sport (It normally makes up stories about fictitious people instead of slandering people who exist), or the lndependent for when I get bored of the pictures.
  • Did you enjoy this interview? Yes


Well that's me over for this issue so I'll sign off and say watch your letter box for the issue of the year, the Jelly Head review of the year, Gel under the spotlight, a report on the band's active (snore!) social life, playing football and Roadies corner.

ps. If someone knows any jokes about Gel, please send them in, I only have 191 and that won't last next year!

Dan the Youth.



Jump on the train keep spinning round.

I came into this world
Unaware and unannounced.
My spirit clean my soul untouched,
Eager mind so keen to pounce
On any one or anything
That offered me an influence.
My prejudice grew day by day.

I knew that black is black, white is right,
God's a man and evil walks
In dirty words and fairy tales,
Poor is dumb - money talks.
Those who have - those who don't
That is just the way it is.
I wish that I could start again and

Ride into the light
And take the train of thought
That frees my mind to come alive.

But the train keeps coming on.

I was raised surrounded by
The smells of oil and industry.
Across the tracks houses stood
Gardens mocking poverly
And I would dream of my escape
To their land of make believe but
Now I know that's not the way.

I've got to jump the train between the two
Heading down the railroad tracks.
There's good in gardens, good in dirt:
Bad in both and that's a fact.
Took so long just ticking by
Sitting by the views of old 'till
I discovered I could fly and

Ride into the light
And take the train of thought
That ii my mind to come alive.
Ride into the light
And take the train that frees my mind
And sets the world alive

But the train keeps coming on down.
Jump on the train keep spinning round.

Message to the World

I sat alone upon a rocky shore to think it through,
I turned my eyes out to the sea.
The sun reflected on the waters runing blue,
I saw the world belonged to me.

Do what you want to do
Say what you want to say
Be what you want to be
Live for today, today.

I learned a friend had gone he chose to die alone,
No time to say goodbye he's lost to those who hesitate.
How come we learn to love too late and then the bird has flown?
We've got to open up our hearts and minds - comunicate.

Do what you want to do
Say what you want to say
Be what you want to be
Live for today, today.

Live with me,
Live with you,
We live our life.

Gig guide.

Saturday 2nd, Wheatsheaf, Walsall.
Friday 8th, Lichfield Arts Centre, Lichfield.
Sunday 10th, Bretby Country Club, Burton on Trent.
Wednesday 27th, Selly Park Tavern, Birmingham.

Monday 16th, Bridge St. Arts Centre, Newcastle under Lyme.
Wednesday 18th, The Hummingbird, Birmingham.
Fnday 20th, Bogiez, Cardiff.
Sunday 22nd, Royal Standard Xmas gig! Walthamstow.

Thursday 2nd, the Wheatsheaf, Stoke.
Tuesday 14th, Breedon Bar, Birmingham.

Roadies Corner.

Hello and welcome to "Barbie's bit in the middle" or "Roadie's Corner" as the youth would have it (as it's at the end, it couldn't be a bit in the middle anyway, Ed.). No doubt you tuned into the Friday Rock Show on August the 23rd to hear my dulcet tones on backing vocals, and what a lovely job I did of it too.

Listening to the lads on the radio was quite a joy. I hope the odd tankard or ten was raised to 'celebrate' the occasion in your homes too.

Perhaps we'll now get the chance of that Metallica support slot on their forthcoming world tour (I wish).

A special thank you to all those people (especially the young ladies) who have asked Mikey and me to autograph their record sleeves etc. It makes two humble (since when? Ed.) roadies very old. Incidentally, if any young lady requires an anatomical signature, my pen is ready and waiting (Steve, what is a double entendre?).

Thought for the day:- "............."
(figures, roadies are incapable of thought! Ed.)

...... and what a nice thought it was too.

This column was brought to you by the letter M, and the number 6, together with M69, Ml, M42 ........

Barbie (the almost legendary roadie.)

Mikey's Bog of the Month

Bretby Country Club.
Pity about the staff who are all XXXXX
8/10 V. Good